September News! ✅ Play-Testing Done! 🚀 Next, We Connect & Crowdfund!


September Connection Events: 

I want to be in connection with you! I want to know more about who you are and what is happening in your world!  Join me for some Connection Magic at this month's live online events!

Joining us for a Live Session is the best way to experience the different games and to get plugged into our upcoming crowdfunding campaign. It's also an amazing way to integrate games into your life and sharpen your facilitation skills. 

Tuesday Games Night! 





Online Play Lab with Erin Hickok & Guests

via Zoom & Broadcasted in the ✨ Connection Magic Facebook Group

5 PT | 6 MT | 7 CT | 8 ET

Wednesday Leadership Lab

Online Skills Training plus Q&A with Erin Hickok & Guests

Private Session via Zoom 

5 PT | 6 MT | 7 CT | 8 ET

⭐️ Save your seat and join as my guest 🎁with the code FIRSTFREE right here


join us for a games nights with erin hickok and games for humanity


Belonging Deck Update:

18 Play-Test Sessions Complete!

So we're compiling the data from the play-testing process and finalizing the cards and getting the design ready for printing. It's been such an adventure of play-testing twice the usual number of cards & shifting everything online. 

We held 18 play-test sessions ranging from 3 to 12 players sharing their perspectives. 

See more about the deck and the creators here.

So, we're ready for the next steps, and it's time to go big!

Humanity is calling for courage & compassion right now. 

Having a game to strengthen our ability to listen, consider multiple perspectives, share deeply, reflect, and be curious; serves each person who plays. (and all those we touch)

I trust in the power of connection & conversation to open new possibilities for us individually and collectively.

It's time to bring this game to a broader audience with a crowdfunding campaign.

We'll be using IndieGoGo and will launch on October 1st! We want this to spread quickly, so we need to hit 30% of our funding goal in the first 48 hours to get noticed and receive exposure through the algorithm.  

Your pledge to contribute on✨🚀 October 1st! ✨🚀 helps us plan, prepare, & hit our goal to print 1,000 decks! You'll be helping us spread this mission of connection & belonging to whole new communities.

Sign up for the email list and we'll send a pledge form and a reminder to contribute when it's time. 

Start supporting us now by downloading this Ambassador Kit,  Attending a Play Lab, & sharing this post with friends. 

And, if you do want to get your hands on one of the first 200 decks order yours here. (We close the cart at Midnight on September 13th for September delivery)

More to come!


Erin Hickok "The Connectress"

Founder of Games for Humanity & Creator of Cards for Connection®