Tips & How-to for your Print & Play decks from Games for Humanity

Hello everyone! Today we're going to be talking about how to print and play the decks from Games for Humanity. The great thing about these decks is that they're already formatted for printing, so all you need to do is download them and cut out the cards to begin playing.

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Here's what you'll need:

    • Home printer (color ink + double-sided printing options)

    • Best paper to print on is a thicker cardstock paper

    • Scissors or paper cutter

4 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Purchase your chosen deck from the Games for Humanity website

Step 2: Download your Print & Play deck on the checkout page or from your email

Step 3: Send the PDF to print with the fit to page checkbox selected

Step 4: Allow a few minutes for the ink to dry, then cut out your cards.

You're ready to play!

We hope you enjoy your Print & Play deck with friends and family to strengthen the relationships that matter most. You can meet more of our community of connectors in the Connection Magic Facebook group and get more tips for play by joining our email list.

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Do you have a question? Have a look at the FAQ's below or send an email to

Happy Connecting!

Erin Hickok & the Games for HumanityTeam


Q: Can I print my deck at a local print shop?

A: Yes! Either email the file or bring it on a USB drive. Ask them to print it: color, double-sided, on cardstock paper. Most printers have a paper cutter station to easily cut out your cards

Q: Are the cards already lined up for printing front and back?

A: Yes, the front & back match up perfectly for easy printing.

Q: Can I print out just the card fronts?

A: Yes! You can select print odd or even pages to just print the card fronts. Please note that you will need to refer to the digital file to see full instruction cards.

Q: Is there any way to play with the PDF cards without printing?

A: Yes! You can pull up the PDF on any screen and simply ask the player to select one of the rainbow colors. Zoom in on a card of that color for the player to read out loud.

Q: Does the Print & Play deck include all the same cards as the printed deck?

A: Yes! Full-sized Decks include all the usual cards from each deck. Please note that if you have a mini-deck, it includes a smaller number of cards.