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Love & Relationships Mini Print & Play Decks

Love & Relationships Mini Print & Play Decks

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Enjoy a mini print-and-play PDF of our two most popular decks! 


  • A double rainbow PDF of the Cards for Connection Deck 
  • A double rainbow PDF of the Intimacy Deck
  • A coupon code for 15% off your next order

We know you will love the conversations sparked while playing and will be a fan of Games for Humanity for life!

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Bring More Intimacy To Your Conversations About Love, Relationships, & Sexuality
Let's Talk About Sex: A Communication game for intimacy, relationship, and sexuality
Pick a card and read out loud. Fill in the blank. Pass each card around to all players. Continue pulling cards until you have a full rainbow.
There are 7 rainbows in each deck, so you can play up to 7 rounds. (Usually, one is plenty to keep the conversation going for quite a while!)
It can be nice to warm up with the Connection Games deck first.
This deck is excellent to play and open up with your partner or a group of close friends.
The original and most popular deck from Games for Humanity. The Cards for Connection® deck is the perfect way to deepen friendships and conversation. Cards for Connection® makes it easy to bring people together with thoughtful prompts and playful activities.
Small package, easy to carry with you and create meaningful moments, anywhere.
1 to 8 players
15-30 min/round
55 Cards
Modify for groups of any size.
13+ yrs