TEXTable: Cards for Connection® - Games for Humanity
TEXTable: Cards for Connection® - Games for Humanity

TEXTable: Cards for Connection®

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TEXTable Cards for Connection®
fill in the blank conversation cards
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30 Cards for Connection® as TEXTable png files

  • 30 rainbow cards (fill in the blank cards)

The TEXTable deck is a great way to connect with far-away family and friends in a fun and thought-provoking way. Cards can be played one at a time, a rainbow at a time, or any other way that feels great to the players! 

Cards for Connection® is a game designed to bring you closer together with friends, family, and even people you’ve never met before.  This TEXTable version can also be played via any social media platform.

Each card has been carefully designed to optimize positive connection to ourselves, our communities, and the world.

Open up and play. 

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Ever been surrounded by people, but still felt alone?

Do you crave deeper conversations, but don’t know where to start? Cards for Connection® makes it so easy to bring your people together with thoughtful prompts and playful activities.

Types of Cards

Fill in the Blank Cards - remember the intention to share from the heart. Good for any environment where you can hear each other well.

Group Games Cards - (white back) together, play out the game for more active engagement.Some cards are better for spaces where you can move around.

Reflection Cards (white front and back) pass these cards to each player after each round/rainbow or as a closing to the game.

Card Categories

RED: Root & Renew

ORANGE: Flow & Creation

YELLOW: Action & Alignment

GREEN: Love & Appreciation

BLUE: Art & Expression

INDIGO: Reflection & Insight

VIOLET: Consciousness & Connection

WHITE: Reflection Cards

Ways to Play

Solo Play: Integrate with your other practices like yoga, in your planner, or meditation.

One on One: Play with someone else. Get to know humanity one moment at a time.

Your Groups & Events: icebreakers, team building, workshops, retreats, etc.

Your Online Communities: Easy and colorful content to engage and inspire your communities of friends and followers with an authentic connection to you and you to them.

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