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The 4 Deck Bundle - Games for Humanity
The 4 Deck Bundle - Games for Humanity
The 4 Deck Bundle - Games for Humanity
The 4 Deck Bundle - Games for Humanity
The 4 Deck Bundle - Games for Humanity
The 4 Deck Bundle - Games for Humanity

The 4 Deck Bundle

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This four deck bundle gives you each of our games: 
  • Connection Games Deck: A Game for Deeper Conversations
  • The Intimacy Deck: A Game For Deeper Conversations
  • Positive Programming: A Deck For Personal Transformation
  • Infinite Blessings: A Deck For Daily Affirmation
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The original and most popular deck from Games for Humanity. The Cards for Connection® deck is the perfect way to deepen friendships and conversation. Cards for Connection® makes it easy to bring people together with thoughtful prompts and playful activities.
Small package, easy to carry with you and create meaningful moments, anywhere.
1 to 8 players
15-30 min/round
55 Cards
Modify for groups of any size.
13+ yrs
The most recommended deck for shifting your mindset, day to day. This deck is great for personal and one on one conversation. These cards help reprogram your brain, moving from negative thought patterns to positive ones. They are designed to foster emotional awareness and release with your personal practice or in deeper connection with loved ones.

The Positive Programming deck was inspired to EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping), NLP Neurolinguistic Programming, and conscious language to create new and consistent patterns of more self love, compassionate and inspired expression.

This Rainbow deck includes 75 cards in 7 colors and a free month of emotional release training with the World Tapping Circle.
RED: Naming of what is, right now
ORANGE: Sef-compassion
YELLOW: Openness
GREEN: Forgiveness
BLUE: Honoring
INDIGO: Insight
VIOLET: Inspiration
Bring More Intimacy To Your Conversations About Love, Relationships, & Sexuality
Let's Talk About Sex: A Communication game for intimacy, relationship, and sexuality
Pick a card and read out loud. Fill in the blank. Pass each card around to all players. Continue pulling cards until you have a full rainbow.
There are 7 rainbows in each deck, so you can play up to 7 rounds. (Usually, one is plenty to keep the conversation going for quite a while!)
It can be nice to warm up with the Connection Games deck first.
This deck is excellent to play and open up with your partner or a group of close friends.
The Blessings Deck is a game for human alchemy. Players share the joy and practice of playfully sharing blessings. Share with your friends, leave them to be found in public, draw a card to uplift yourself. Use them as you are inspired!

This deck contains 28 unique blessings, 4 from each of the chakras:
RED - Root
ORANGE - Creative
YELLOW - Action
GREEN - Love
BLUE - Expression
INDIGO - Reflection and Insight
VIOLET - Conscious Connection