What is Connectricity & Why is it worth Devoting my Life to?

Connectricity: Creating Meaningful, Vibrant Connections

I felt connectricity, long before naming it. When I was in it's presence, I felt a warm, happy glow. I had a sense that I belonged, was accepted, and even loved. I've been on a search for what creates these feelings in my life and creating experiences for others to feel this sense of connection.

You Know it when you feel it:

Connectricity is the palpable feeling of connection as a meaningful moment is happening. I think we all know the palpable feeling of connection and most would agree that we're hardwired to search it out. As social creatures, we need a sense of belonging and the shared experience of being seen. Feeling seen and understood helps us to be at ease with ourselves and have the courage to unleash our deeper potential.

The science behind the importance of connection is solid:

It turns out that there is a shift in brain chemistry when we connect and more research is showing that the connection between people has a powerful impact on quality of life.

  • Loneliness is an epidemic in the US, "as much impact on mortality as smoking 15 cigarettes per day, making it more dangerous than obesity" says Douglas Nemecek, MD and Cigna's Chief Medial Officer for Behavioral Health when launching their 2018 Report.
  • Oxytocin, often called the love drug, is a hormone with amazing health benefits for quality of life and for our immune systems. You can activate the release of naturally through connection with others: like physical touch, eye gazing, and talking. You can also release oxytocin solo by listening to music, meditating, and self care practices like yoga and EFT. 

I didn't know any of this when I began seeing ways to create more meaningful connections. I just wanted friends and to not feel so alone in my struggles.

On a mission with the Power of Games

I've been on a mission these days: to help people create more meaningful, vibrant connections in their lives by creating games that give people the experience of positive connections with people they care about.

Three Levels of Connectricity

  • Connection with yourself: self-love, compassion, forgiveness,  and care.
  • Connection in our relationships: the magic of authenticity - sharing your true self, letting down your guard, and letting people in. Connection with others: deepens the relationship, and our sense of understanding and being understood.
  • Connection to something bigger than ourselves: purpose and passion We need our sense of purpose, meaning, or calling for us to thrive. Connection to a purpose: some call it god, others, the universe. I see it as connecting to all the different flavors of love. (compassion, care, passion, creativity.)


From my own search for belonging to creating meaningful moments for others, it's been an incredibly rewarding journey and has brought me directly to my purpose and mission in the world. That's what has me the most excited of it all!! As we deepen our relationships and expression - we discover more about who we are and what we're passionate about - and that is what will benefit humanity the most.

xoxo The Connectress, Erin Hickok