Sparking Love & Connection in Relationships

How can a game help you create a stronger and more satisfying relationship? 

Cards for Connection & the Intimacy Deck make it easy to ask for moments of connection and the conversations help you practice the listening and communication skills that sustain your relationship for the long term.

Decades of research from the Gottman Institute show that the longest-lasting and happiest relationships are ones with regular “bids for connection” and turning toward each other. Unhappy relationships are those with a higher percentage of bids that aren’t met. It turns out that when we feel continuously rejected, disconnection takes hold and we give and accept fewer bids for connection.

It turns out that the key to creating long-lasting and happy partnerships is *asking for* and *saying yes to* moments of connection.

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Meet the Intimacy Deck

A game for deeper conversations about love, relationships & sexuality.

We knew we were on to something great when the beta deck sold out the first printing in under a week with no advertising and just one post on Instagram. We’ve gotten amazing feedback from therapists, coaches and people who’ve made their relationships stronger just by playing together.


the intimacy deck

Who to Play the Intimacy deck with:

  • Close friends to talk about love, sex, & relationships.
  • A new lover to open up a deeper conversation about what you both need or want in your relationship.
  • Your partner(s) to deepen & strengthen your relationship with your loving attention.

**We recommend that you start with the Cards for Connection® deck first to warm up. Download both decks as a printable PDF right here. Get both decks now and save 10% right here.**


The Cards for Connection deck and the Intimacy deck as the Love and relationships set.

How to play the Intimacy Deck in three easy steps:

1. “Would you like to pick a card?”
    • They pick a card
    2. “Would you like to go first, or would you like me to go first?”
      • Open up & share from your heart.
      • Listen with your full attention.
      3. Play a few cards or a full rainbow and watch the magic of connection unfold.


        holding hands with cards for connection in the background

        FAQ: Do I have to answer the card?
        - Nope! If a card doesn’t feel right at the moment, go ahead and pick a different card. (maybe come back to this one solo for some self-discovery)

        Bonus: Close the game with a (white) reflection card after you’ve played your other cards. Here’s a reflection card from the Cards for Connection deck:

        I felt connected to you the most when ___.

        I hope you love the Intimacy Deck and the connection that’s created every time you play! 


        Erin, the Connectress


        PS. Want to go deeper into the research? (🐇🕳️)
        Here’s a two-minute video explaining bids for connection and an article with even more detail