Our Origin Story

I've loved games, and making up and playing my own little games for a fun life.  

I've been more practical in my focus, making day to day life more joyful, playful and engaging. I played and loved Cards Against Humanity at a potluck with friends. There was this structure to connect with people and permission to be vastly different than typical conversation. 

My birthday arrived, and knew I needed to play with my friends in an upgraded way, a way to organically allow deeper connection without formally facilitating.

Strips of paper in a jar and a spirit of play in community. The seed was planted to grow in color and form. Ways to play that create space for connections. I didn't realize what a game this would become for me. A glorious evening with friends, communities interweaving, beautiful people who choose to play, choose to connect.

It's been a tremendous journey of gestation, surprises, and many more potlucks, since. 

The creation of the cards has been upgrading my own skills through experiences from the clumsy and foolish, to the brilliantly creative, I've been super scared, and totally empowered.  I'm open to possibility of more mastery through experience and I'm willing to make new choices and keep being persistent. I'm grateful for the growth and the lessons.  I'm grateful to be who I am today. I'm grateful to hold space for this living creation.   

From one birthday potluck to another, I spoke aloud the vision. I could feel the power in my voice when I spoke it, witnessed, and I witnessing the reflection and response of the people. I felt the love and support of community and trust to bring this vision to creation.

I was so delighted to discover 4 unique games for connection to different areas of life.

Connection Games - (like we played at my birthday!) Think intelligent icebreakers meets authentic improv. A fun way to get to know others on a deeper level and open the possibility of more interconnection. Quick fill in the blank and questions to get the conversation going, and group games to mix it up. Co-create a rainbow for a full round. (one of each color)

Positive Programing - Upgrade your thoughts with these handy pocket sized cards of codes. Could you use a thought upgrade? Social anxiety, stress, or emotional overwhelm? It's possible to reclaim your thoughts, in the moment. It's possible to upgrade the error codes with new programs, now experiences, and new thoughts. Move from resistance and stuckness, up the rainbow to more openness, compassion and expression your inner superpowers. Celebrate your unique awesome with us.

Infinite Blessings - Speak blessings for all humanity, on your own, or in a group. Rainbow prayers for the alchemy of humanity to inspire your day, celebrate your growth, and honor your existence - through your connection to all of creation. Infinite mercy and love are possible through our own actions. Our words guide actions and when spoken in groups hold even more power.