Cards for Connection Creation Story

Erin here.

I’m the creator of Cards for Connection® and the Founder of Games for Humanity. I’m delighted you’re part of this community of connectors and want to share with you where it all began.

Flashback to the very first game + the Power of following our Dreams:

Necessity really is the mother of invention. I wanted a better game to play at my birthday party. I was tired of the mean-spirited games available in stores. I wanted something that would help my friends and I share authentically and to feel closer at the end of the game. I couldn’t find it, so I made it!

erin's birthday party in 2014 with the first cards for connection game on sips of paper in a jar

On April 23rd, 2014 I created the first Cards for Connection® deck on slips of colored paper in a jar. The questions had us all sharing aspects of ourselves we hadn’t had a reason to before, and opening up in ways that brought us all together - through depths of truth, laughter, and joy. It was an awesome party and the game was a big hit with my friends! We all wanted more.

the evolution of erin and the cards for connection decks

It took two years of design, play-testing, and fundraising to print the first deck. When I felt the call to take the game on tour, traveling the country to festivals and parties around the country, the momentum really picked up. Not only were people hungry and ready to embrace a playful way to connect deeper, but I was fueled with new ideas for more games! Now there are FIVE decks in print (Check them out!) and people just like you are creating meaningful moments with their loved ones (and sharing five-star reviews from all over the world)!

I had no idea that a fateful night in 2014 would catapult me on a mission of creating games for powerful moments of connection all over the world. That in following my own need, I would find universal needs that would bring a passion and fulfillment that I wake up excited to pursue.

And now – you’re part of this movement too! Thank you for joining me on this mission to spread more joy, connection, and play around the planet. 


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