News: Spring Upgrades for Games for Humanity & Cards for Connection

Spring is here, and wildflowers are all over Texas, which helps us appreciate the seasonal shift. ­čî╝

I'm embracing the change and letting transformation ripple through my business and life... including cleaning my house and making some new upgrades to the back end of my business.

What's in it for you? (and me)

  • You'll be able to connect with me directly with ease- reply to any email or text, reach out to me on Messenger or Instagram
    • I'll see your messages go to one spot so I can respond to your message (instead of it getting swept up the tidal wave).
  • You can adjust the frequency of my emails and let me know what topics to share with you.
    • I'll be able to send the right messages to the right people at the right time!
  • You'll gain access to a smorgasbord of brand-new workshops and live training.
    • I'll be able to share my wisdom with those who can use it most, saving me time and energy.

I value efficient and effective communication, and I'm delighted to be making this upgrade as I scale up Cards for Connection®.

I'm working with Joe Lucky, a local business owner (Tribe 360) to restructure the back end of my business. If you think getting all your email, website, funnels, CRM, and social media posting together in one place would benefit your business, please reach out and I'll refer you. 

Soon, we'll be running ads to get Cards for Connection® into the hands and hearts of people around the world!

I'm so glad you're here for the ride! 

Here's to embracing transformation!

Erin Hickok

Creator of Cards for Connection®
Founder of Games for Humanity

PS.. here's a cute picture of my dog to make you smile. ­čśŐ┬á