Live Q&A Series on Ibble - a new social media platform

Hey Connector, I've got some really cool news! I'll be going live to answer your connection in a totally new way!

There’s a pretty rad new social media platform based here in Austin with video & audio posting. The platform is called Ibble and they have video and audio threads that allow us to have a deeper conversation instead of the typical broadcasting model.

I like Ibble because: 

  • It’s more like a real conversation back and forth without needing to type.
    • There’s a video option so we can see each other.
    • If you’re a little camera shy at that moment, an audio option to hear your voice.
  • The platform is committed to allowing people to share without censoring information
  • It’s local to Austin and a much smaller community than Facebook, etc.

I’m even partnering with the platform and being featured as a host of four Q&A-style events in January! I’d love for you to join the conversation with your questions on our weekly topics. 

I'd love for you to share your connection challenges to help build up a Frequently Asked Questions for each of the five topics I've selected for this January Series on Ibble.

click the orange ? box to ask your question

Add your questions and keep the conversation going by clicking the “orange ?” box right here

>> Adding your question now helps create more engagement on the event and gets more people to play along and add theirs too! I’ll be answering all the questions, live each Tuesday evening in January.

All and all, it’s a pretty cool way to make social media more authentic and connected, so I hope you will join me as I explore more ways to create deeper connections.

Our first Q&A Session on Connection Challenges has already started and you can join the conversation with Q&A right here!

Q&A What are your biggest connection challenges with friends & family?

I’ll respond to all the questions each Tuesday in January at 7 pm CT.

Xoxo, Erin The Connectress