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How to Play!

There are infinite ways to play (here's a few)...

Solo Play
Integrate with your other practices like yoga, in your planner, altar decoration, meditation prompt, prompts for writing.

One on One
Play with your kids, your partner, date night (out or in), close friends and even clients, fellow being. Get to know humanity one moment at a time.

Groups and Events
Icebreakers, team building, workshops, retreats, leadership, skills training, road trips, potlucks, to promote your business or cause

Use the cards on live broadcasts and in your groups, use them to inspire videos, photos, and even written and audio content! You might love these text-able games.

Who can play?

Wellness and Business Coaches
Writers and Freelancers
Workshops / Retreats
Live Events
Community Builders

Want to Collaborate?

Our Mission

We exist to bring more joy, play, and authentic self-expression to the world! We know that the whole planet is a better place when we're more connected to ourselves, our unique gifts, and to each other.