Why I Started Cards for Connection

I'm Erin. For years I suffered from anxiety, stress, & loneliness. I set out to discover the keys to strengthening friendships, meeting new people, & finding my tribe. 5 years ago, I created the first deck, & now have played with thousands of people & published 4 different decks that ignite and inspire connection! Last year, we won our crowdfunding campaign and are laying the foundation for a global movement.

Why I created these games

I'm Erin Hickok, aka The Connectress.  I live in the wonderful and weird city of Austin, Texas.  As a young adult, I experienced anxiety, stress, and loneliness.  Panic attacks and depression left me feeling desperate and sent me on a journey to find ways to heal myself.  I devoted myself to all kinds of programs and systems that might bring me relief.

A decade of self-discovery led me to a profound realization - The more I prioritized meaningful connection, the easier it was to move forward in my life!

It turns out that connection to ourselves, our friends, and to a bigger purpose in our lives is an incredibly effective antidote to stress and anxiety.  So I set out to spend the next decade helping other people move past their fears and bring their desires for meaningful connection into reality. And, we had huge success because we made it fun!

The first game was born

In 2014, I wanted to bring my friends closer to each other at my birthday party, so I used my love of play & words to create the first deck, Connection Games, (available as one of the perks on this page), on slips of colored paper in a jar.  It took two years to put this first deck into print. Now, two years later, there are four! different cards for connection decks, published and printed on beautiful, bright, sturdy card-stock, ready to create connection and transformation in your life!

After seeing a huge demand and hearing all the amazing, life-changing results from people playing with the Cards for Connection, I left my job and have spent the past year bringing the games all over the country!  I have seen just how well these games help people open up, and I'm on a mission to spread this joy and play around the planet to truly help people unleash their inner awesomeness!